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Happy February

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The title means I would like to wish everyone a happy February, not that it’s so far been a happy February. Work today has been mental with the lowpoint being not winning an iPad in the raffle, even though I’d convinced myself I was going to. Tonight has been quite fun though, I’ve worked a bit on a spreadsheet that will pull data back from a forum and then look at the data and work out what predictions have been entered. I now have a proper plan of how it’s going to work and my “Go-Live” date is March 1st. I’m gonna run it like a proper project, I can probably put it on a CV, right?

I’ve not done any press ups for a few days as my app seems to think I’m at a higher level than I should be. Had a quick go just now and managed to do 20 without hurting at all, then did 25, then another 15. They’re so easy now, it’s mental. I’m still aiming to be able to do 100 by my birthday. Plan!

Tomorrow I’ll be mainly working on my spreadsheet. My letter about my new job needs to hurry up and arrive, I really really can’t wait to start

Transfer Request

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What a day. Been incredibly busy at work and tomorrow is Go-Live on the new project so will be another busy day. I’m in at 6.15ish. That’s 6 in the morning! Mental

In between working very hard I’ve been keeping track of the transfer deadline day. It’s been great fun reading it all and catching up but waiting for stuff to be announced is so annoying. Torres to Chelsea is gonna be great to see. Really hope he plays on Sunday against Liverpool

Think that’s about it for today. I’m typing on my phone which is why it’s short. Really tired too so gonna have an early night

Happy February everyone! Goodbye January 2011!

10 O Clock Live

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I’ve just watched the 2nd episode of 10 O Cock Live. It’s a bit of a strange program. There are so many good ideas in it but it doesn’t really live up to its potential. There are a few steps I think they should take to make it better

  1. Do not let Lauren Laverne try and be funny
  2. Scrap point number 1, just don’t like Lauren Laverne talk
  3. Scrap point number 2, just get rid of Lauren Lavern. She is not funny. Women aren’t funny
  4. Get rid of the bit where Brooker does a boring rant
  5. Make the interviews longer

Point 5 is the main one they need to work on. In the 1st episode there was an interview with a banker and some other people about banker’s bonuses. It was good but cut ridiculously short. As was this weeks interview with Alistair Campbell. But the main one that annoyed me was the interview with someone in favour of locking suspected terrorists up for ages without a trial, some woman who opposed it, and a guy who got arrested for being a suspected terrorist. It was really interesting and looked like it may get a bit heated and then they stopped it. Ridiculous

Someone found my blog today by searching “paddy mcguinness hair transplant”

Dead Air

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I’ve played about an hour of Dead Space 2 and really love it, but I feel so sick so have had to stop. I don’t feel sick due to the gore or anything, just a lot of first/third person games make me feel sick when they’re set in dark places. FEAR did it, the first Dead Space did it, so many others do. It’s very annoying. In a way it’s good though as I’ve played just over an hour and could have easily played it all night

It’s so good. I was originally playing it in the dark but ended up jumping quite a lot. When I played the original it was around 2am and my curtains were open and it was really dark. My mind started going mental and I had visions of a severed head slamming into my window and it made me wonder what would happen if that really did happen. I think I’d have died of a heart attack. It would be the scariest thing ever. I was then that scared I didn’t dare move to close my curtains, as my logic was if I moved to do it it was more likely that a head would slam into my window. Note: I am not mental

So yeah, Dead Space 2 is really good. Hopefully I’ll play more tomorrow. I’m probably going to go to bed in a minute as I’m working tomorrow AGAIN. Today was my 6th day in a row, there are 6 more to go before I get a day off. GOOD TIMES

I’m Going To Jersey Shore Bitch

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Tonight I finished work at 8.30 and then had to wait at a bus stop since then, which was awful. But since then it’s been a great night. I played Cover Orange on the bus which is really fun. Then I got a burrito which was really nice. From Sainsburys I got some diet coke with cherry and a vanilla and choc cheesecake, yum. I watched the start of The American Office which had David Brent in. It wasn’t the best bit ever but I liked it as reminded me of the English one. The rest of the episode was awful so I turned it off halfway through to watch Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is amazing. I’ve started really liking Snooki recently. I’ll probably talk more about the show at a later date but this episode was so good. There was great parts, then drama, then arguments, then make ups, then a night out and then a really nice bit. It’s meant the end of the night has been ace

I’m now off for a bath and then to bed as tomorrow I’m in work from 9.30ish which sucks

Also, today I officially got a new job. Don’t know when I start but it’s gonna be great

With Power Comes Money

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My Xbox seems to have the most expensive power button I have ever experienced in my life. When I first purchased it, many moons ago, turning it on was as simple as pressing the big button on the front, or by holding the button on the control pad. Now though I have to be prepared to pay £4.25 to turn it on. Why? Because I’m stupid! I have hundreds of games I could play but the only ones I play recently are Fifa Ultimate Team, or Lips. Whenever I turn Lips on I seem to be drunk and therefore decide it’s a great idea to buy lots of songs to sing-a-long to. But I can’t blame the Fifa costs on alcohol, the only thing I can blame that on is my childishness

Ultimate Team is like a trading card game, where the players you get in packs you can play in your squad. It’s one of my aims in life to get Lionel Messi in one of these packs. The packs can be bought for gold coins. To get these coins you need to play games and win tournaments. Well, that’s two of the ways. The third way is to pay £4.25 to buy a few packs. I seem to do this all the time, decide all the players are shit, discard or trade them, try and play a game, the EA Servers crash and then I turn off my Xbox, only to forget about this experience and go through the same process next time

Messi seems to go for around £25 on ebay. That’s such a stupid amount of money for a player in a game. Or is it? It’s tempting, and would probably save me money in the long run. But there’s something exciting about buying a pack of cards. It’s the modern day equivalent of buying a pack of Premier League 95 stickers. Only instead of opening the pack and getting 2 shinies and one half of a team photo I’m buying a pack of virtual cards on a console and getting Gary Fucking Madine

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