Tonight I finished work at 8.30 and then had to wait at a bus stop since then, which was awful. But since then it’s been a great night. I played Cover Orange on the bus which is really fun. Then I got a burrito which was really nice. From Sainsburys I got some diet coke with cherry and a vanilla and choc cheesecake, yum. I watched the start of The American Office which had David Brent in. It wasn’t the best bit ever but I liked it as reminded me of the English one. The rest of the episode was awful so I turned it off halfway through to watch Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is amazing. I’ve started really liking Snooki recently. I’ll probably talk more about the show at a later date but this episode was so good. There was great parts, then drama, then arguments, then make ups, then a night out and then a really nice bit. It’s meant the end of the night has been ace

I’m now off for a bath and then to bed as tomorrow I’m in work from 9.30ish which sucks

Also, today I officially got a new job. Don’t know when I start but it’s gonna be great