I’ve played about an hour of Dead Space 2 and really love it, but I feel so sick so have had to stop. I don’t feel sick due to the gore or anything, just a lot of first/third person games make me feel sick when they’re set in dark places. FEAR did it, the first Dead Space did it, so many others do. It’s very annoying. In a way it’s good though as I’ve played just over an hour and could have easily played it all night

It’s so good. I was originally playing it in the dark but ended up jumping quite a lot. When I played the original it was around 2am and my curtains were open and it was really dark. My mind started going mental and I had visions of a severed head slamming into my window and it made me wonder what would happen if that really did happen. I think I’d have died of a heart attack. It would be the scariest thing ever. I was then that scared I didn’t dare move to close my curtains, as my logic was if I moved to do it it was more likely that a head would slam into my window. Note: I am not mental

So yeah, Dead Space 2 is really good. Hopefully I’ll play more tomorrow. I’m probably going to go to bed in a minute as I’m working tomorrow AGAIN. Today was my 6th day in a row, there are 6 more to go before I get a day off. GOOD TIMES