I’ve just watched the 2nd episode of 10 O Cock Live. It’s a bit of a strange program. There are so many good ideas in it but it doesn’t really live up to its potential. There are a few steps I think they should take to make it better

  1. Do not let Lauren Laverne try and be funny
  2. Scrap point number 1, just don’t like Lauren Laverne talk
  3. Scrap point number 2, just get rid of Lauren Lavern. She is not funny. Women aren’t funny
  4. Get rid of the bit where Brooker does a boring rant
  5. Make the interviews longer

Point 5 is the main one they need to work on. In the 1st episode there was an interview with a banker and some other people about banker’s bonuses. It was good but cut ridiculously short. As was this weeks interview with Alistair Campbell. But the main one that annoyed me was the interview with someone in favour of locking suspected terrorists up for ages without a trial, some woman who opposed it, and a guy who got arrested for being a suspected terrorist. It was really interesting and looked like it may get a bit heated and then they stopped it. Ridiculous

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